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Display Money Values as Formatted Currency

Tagged: Liquid ERB

Added by: @jaredcwhite @jaredcwhite

Tested on: Bridgetown v1.0


Buy {{ product.data.title }} for ${{ product.data.price }}


Buy {{ product.data.title }} for {{ product.data.price | money }}

Use the Money gem for fun and profit!

You need an easy way to format money. Thankfully, it’s more straightforward than you might think!

First, run bundle add money to add the Money gem to your Gemfile.

Next, save the following plugin to your site repo:

# plugins/builders/money.rb

require "money"

Money.locale_backend = :i18n
Money.rounding_mode = BigDecimal::ROUND_HALF_EVEN

class Builders::Money < SiteBuilder
  def build
    liquid_filter :money
    helper :money

  def money(input, currency = "USD")
    Money.new(input ? input * 100 : 0, currency).format

Now in any Liquid or Ruby template, you can simply use the money helper to format a number or string value in its proper currency! Feel free to change the default currency as needed in the method, or you can specify it in real-time: {{ product.date.price | money: "EUR" }} (or in ERB: <%= money(product.data.price, "EUR") %>).

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